All the news that's fit to burn

John MacArthur calls for Pope Francis to resign for teaching Catholicism

John MacArthur Pope Francis Catholic

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Catholic Matt Maher sings Your Grace is Enough to Baptist Church, Pope angry

Matt Maher Catholic

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Beth Moore apologizes on behalf of Eve for plunging the world into sin

Beth Moore Apologizes for Eve

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Trump reclassifies migrant caravan as Christian missionaries, Dems now say no entry

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John MacArthur diplomatically informs Ben Shapiro he's a whitewashed tomb

Ben Shapiro interviews John MacArthur

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Matt Maher Pope Francis Jake Tapper

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At 1:30 rewrites Ephesians 4:5 - "One Pope, one church, one baptism" 


Prophets for Profit

Nearly Believable Headlines

Charles Stanley orders Hebrews Commentary for son's Christmas gift

Christians asks Mormons to stop using "Church of Jesus Christ” in their name

John MacArthur finds 7,000 who haven't bowed the knee to SJW's

Freak windstorm knocks over lamp stands at all 8 Willow Creek campuses simultaneously

 Lifeway quietly marks down all Bill Hybels leadership books and small group studies

Ravi Zacharias preached the gospel without a single personal story

Tim Keller announces plans for BioLogos Theistic Evolution Museum with Catholic Matt Walsh

Anxious bench




Just Repeat After Me

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the

...Rockin' Praise Band

...compelling apologetic argument

Arminian tales

Israelites left slavery in Egypt of their own Free Will

Lazarus bored in grave, gets up walks out of his own Free Will

Saul of Tarsus rededicates his life