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Beth Moore apologizes on behalf of Eve for plunging the world into sin

Albany, NY

Fresh off the heels of accidentally tuning in to a John MacArthur sermon on 1 Timothy 2 and inspired by her drummer's intercessory prayer, who recently volunteered in a propitiatory way to take on the sins of all men, Beth Moore got down on her knees and apologized on behalf of Eve and all women for plunging the world into sin, misery, and death.  

"God just spoke to my heart, girlfriend", Beth began, clearly emotional.  "I am so sorry for teaching women to be victims for all these years", she continued.  "It's obvious that my folksy stories, combined with your dangerous lack of discernment, and Lifeway's desire to make a quick buck have allowed this charade to infest countless local churches." 

Her husband, Keith Moore, could not be reached for comment.

At publishing time, Mrs. Moore had determined to bear fruit in keeping with repentance by promising to never preach again.

Beth Moore inspired by Kevin Jones' apology

Beth Moore inspired by Kevin Jones' apology